About Us


Gutter Boys LLC!

Has been serving the residential and commercial customers in the Fairfield County, CT area for over 11 years. We specialize in aluminum and copper, K-style and half around gutters custom made to fit any angle. Our experienced staff guarantee quality services at affordable rate


Gutter boys has been serving fairfield county since 1998. When Giovanni Jimenez decided to start his own business doing what he loves to do. after working for great companies in the industry and learning all there is to know about gutters. Giovanni decided to start Gutter boys. With over twenty years of experience he has dedicated all his passion and love to his company, becoming the leader in the industry Gutter boys takes pride of their work. thousands of residential & commercial customers in the Fairfield County area trust Gutter boys, LLC to protect their home investment by taking care of all their gutter needs. Best known for their signature service, the Gutter Maintenance program, we offer flexible and customized solutions for every homeowner's specific Gutter cleaning needs.